Tribes of Cologne
(Germany 2010)

The members of the Kölner Stämme (Cologne Tribes) imitate foreign cultures such as Native American Indians Vikings, Romans and most notably Huns and Mongolians as a leisure time activity. But what motivates entire families, together with neighbours, friends and co-workers to collectively submerge themselves into the life at the court of Attila the Hun or Ghenghis Khan?
To answer this question anthropologist and filmmaker Anja Dreschke accompanied the Cologne Tribes for several years in the course of her ethnographic field research. Thus she realised an ethnographic long-term study providing a „thick description“ of historical reenactment as an outstanding cultural phenomenon.

Genre: Documentary film
Writer and Director: Anja Dreschke
Format: 89min / 35mm / color
Co-Production: WDR / Jutta Krug
Funded by: Filmstiftung NRW
Distribution: Real Fiction
Festivals: 12th RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film 2011, London

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